"I have been seeing reports that land line telephone service is declining, but yet my phone bill keeps increasing with no new services added and no long-distance calls. That pretty much proves supply-and-demand is a debunked theory."

"Roll Tide! It takes more than one Johnny to make a football team. The operative word is team!"

"A call center has selected Savannah, to take advantage of our highly skilled and educated workforce. If our workforce is in fact so highly skilled and educated, the city needs to be recruiting companies that will appropriately utilize those skills."

"Isn't the whole purpose of a salary cap just to weed out long-term employees?"

"Congratulations goes to GDOT and Chatham County in winning first place for having the most unsightly roads this side of the Mississippi. Trash, debris, uncut and untrimmed medians and shoulders make our roads such a joy to look at when driving!"

"I lend, you lend, he/she lends. Lend, lent, lent. The noun "loan" appears - and belongs - nowhere in this verb's conjugation."

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