The questions are coming rapid fire lately.

Mel asks me which event might be nice that week for a birthday celebration.

Drew is asking me if I can hook him up with freebies (that would be no), and Gelcys wants to know exactly what the River Street Wine Stroll is.

Still others who are looking to volunteer are asking which might be the most fun. The good news is, people are interested. Of course they are. This will be the best thing in Savannah's culinary history since a cookbook publisher ran into The Lady & Sons to get out of the rain oh so many years ago.

There are a ton of great events coming to the Savannah Food & Wine Festival from Nov. 11-17. Someone who doesn't have a lot of experience with this type of event will likely have visions of expensive wine dinners with snooty people discussing the finer points of butterscotch undertones.

Honestly, there might be some of that, but that is such a small part of this celebration of food in our fine city that you should seriously consider joining in. Cooking classes with celebrity chefs, tastings and a wide variety of seminars are also part of the landscape that week.

Need some tips on how to better use your Big Green Egg? They've got that, too.

Some of the events are sold out or close to it. As we get closer, many more will.

"We know the final week will see a big spike in sales," says Michael Owens, president of the Tourism Leadership Council and one of the creators of this event.

We know Savannah is in large part a drive-to market. If people in Atlanta, Charlotte, Jacksonville or other areas within a short drive see the weather is going to be great, they will book a trip and come on down.

If that happens, expect some of the remaining tickets to dry up. That is why, if you are reading this, you are likely a local. If you have any intention of enjoying any of the activities, I recommend you take a look at the lineup and make a decision sooner rather than later.

Let's be honest, this is uncharted territory for Savannah. The debate over whether or not we are a foodie town and how that is defined can continue long after this event is over, but the city is responding so far.

Some of the celebrity chef events have predictably sold out already, but there is still plenty more out there to enjoy.

Have you seen Chef Hugh Acheson on "Top Chef?" Then you know he's a hoot and will offer a good time. Do you know what makes Napa Valley wines different than Sonoma?

There's a place for you to enjoy that, as well. Have you enjoyed Taste of Savannah in the past?

The "Taste" experience this year will be unlike any Savannah has seen before.

With all of that as a backdrop, I am going to give you three of my top picks for the festival.

It does not for one second mean the other events are less worthy of your time and attention, because I personally wish I could attend all of them.

Look at them all right now at savannahfood

Taste of Savannah

If you know the history of how this festival came together, then you know it was a desire to make Taste of Savannah bigger, better and a crown jewel for this community that led to the creation of this festival.

That said, "Taste" is at the end of the week, but it will be the most popular by far.

Thousands are expected to come to Ellis Square from noon-4 p.m. Nov. 16.

There will be free tastes, waiter races, bartender challenges and events for kids, as well.

This will be the ultimate celebration of food in Savannah. I can't wait.

If you wait until day of to buy your ticket, you will wait in line.

Buy ahead, get your bar code beeped upon arrival and walk right in.

There is no other event where planning ahead will be more of a smart move.

Full day of learning

For one price, you can stroll the International Trade & Convention Center from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and enjoy a variety of classes, seminars and tastings.

It's your best one-stop shop value for the day, where you can enjoy anything from a Big Green Egg demo to a bourbon tasting.

Michael Mondavi Family Estate Dinner

This event is at 8 p.m. Nov. 16 at The Westin Savannah Harbor.

When festival organizers pitched the idea to the Mondavi family, I am told they had them essentially at "hello."

Rob Mondavi and his family have jumped into this festival with enough passion and excitement to light up Las Vegas.

This final dinner of the week is going to be over the top.

The family is going to bring some exclusive wines to the table at this event.

Yes, the price is steep at $225, but I'm told this type of event would sell for much much more somewhere else.

My goodness. Wine dinners at The Olde Pink House, The Mansion, Circa 1875 (that one was described to me and it will be visually stunning) and opportunities to meet some great great chefs. Some of the best in the South.

The bottom line is there is something for everyone all week long. All price ranges, all levels of knowledge. I wish I could enjoy them all. You can get tickets at

However, Eat It and Like It will be documenting a lot of the events for a special 30-minute show on this celebration. It's coming in December.

So, I'll be working here, there and everywhere. It's going to be a great time, and tickets will disappear.

Plan ahead and get ready to Eat It and Like It.

See you on TV!