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South by Midwest: Fellow musicians help keep the sound stream flowing

  • Photo by Adriana Iris Boatwright; styling by House of Strut. Lulu Blu will entertain during the Secret Savannah Speakeasy on Nov. 12.

South by Midwest: Fellow musicians help keep the sound stream flowing

05 Nov 2015

Last week, just before Halloween, local musician Rachael Shaner was involved in a car accident.

Fortunately, she’s physically OK, but along with damage to her car, she lost one of her most important possessions: the upright bass she plays at least six times a week at venues throughout the city to make her living.

The instrument is currently in triage at Randy Wood Guitars and hopes are high that it can be brought back to life.


CLICK HERE to donate to a YouCaring fundraiser to get Rachael Shaner back in action performing and recording her debut album.


CLICK HERE to read more about Rachael's Secret Savannah Speakeasy band, Lulu Blu. Read more about the event itself HERE.

In the meantime, Rachael is playing on a borrowed bass, and expressed her gratitude to the city’s music scene on Facebook.

“Super touching that within minutes multiple musicians/music teachers in this awesome community called and offered their service and time and love and encouragement.

“Because of that I’m able to get back to gigging this week with a full heart and head high,” she wrote.

Rachael will be playing with Nightingale News to open for Amythyst Kiah on Nov. 6 at The Jinx.

Read more about that show from columnist Bill Dawers here.

She’s also put together a special band, Lulu Blu, for our Secret Savannah Speakeasy during the Savannah Food & Wine Festival on Nov. 12.

Learn all about the festival here.

It’s nothing new to see the arts community come together when one of its own needs some assistance. But the public has to show some love, too. Consider coming out to one of these shows, or check out Rachael and many other musicians playing any night of the week throughout downtown Savannah.

For some of these performers, this isn’t a side gig that gets squeezed in between barista shifts or college classes. It’s not only their passion, but also their livelihood.

Rachael sums it up best: “Keep on rocking guys. Your support means the world.”


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