It's been a big year for Nirvana.

And so it goes, it will probably be a big year for the West Palm Beach, Fla.-based Smells Like Grunge, a Nirvana tribute band.

SLG (as they are affectionately called) will make its Savannah debut on Feb. 15 at the Rock House on Tybee Island.

In April of this year, Nirvana will join the likes of KISS, Peter Gabriel, Linda Ronstadt, Hall and Oates and Cat Stevens (Yusaf Islam) as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2014 inductees. Nirvana was inducted in its first year of eligibility. In comparison, KISS has been eligible for 15 years.

Built out of a '90s cover band, SLG began about a year ago. Jay Scott (drummer), Hector Diaz (bassist) and Nick Rotondi (guitar, vocals), saw a buddy play in a Journey tribute band, and it dawned on them they could pay tribute to the guys they idolized from adolescence and carry that music to a new set of rock and rollers.

"There's a whole new generation of people that haven't grown up with Nirvana," Scott said. "We are all huge fans and and knew all of their music. We had never seen a tribute that does any '90s bands. It's always '80s and '70s bands. Since there aren't a lot of people doing it, it took off - we started getting booked everywhere."

SLG, most recently, has been added to the lineup at a tribute festival in the United Kingdom. They've played more than 40 shows all along the Eastern Seaboard over the last year.

"It kind of exploded," Scott said. "It was never planned; it just kind of happened. We all have day jobs. We play just about every weekend, though.

"We have aspirations of this going full-time."

SLG not only has the look to cover the band, but they are musically sound on all accords. They are an eerie echo of a band that, to the gratitude of thousands, put the dirty back in rock 'n' roll. And while tribute bands seem trite in our modern world, a chance to experience a life-altering rock 'n' roll band, if only a resemblance, should not be disregarded.

There is no denying the impact of Nirvana's music on the grand narrative of rock 'n' roll - and music, for that matter. Their place in history, however short, is solidified. Kurt Cobain's often obtrusive and perverse songwriting carried a generation into the 1990s with a pronounced middle finger.

SLG will let you relive your youthful angst and subversion with a fitting tribute.