It is without a doubt one of the most popular questions any local will get if they run into a tourist downtown.

"Where do we go for seafood?"

It's a question as old as electricity around here and one that has, perhaps, a dozen different answers, depending on exactly what someone is looking for. There is no question people come to Savannah looking for great seafood.

A couple of weeks back, we learned that The Westin Savannah Harbor was putting on AquaCurean, a three-day seafood event along the river that promises to be the best seafood event this city has ever seen.

Yes, that is quite a statement, but when The Westin rolls out the red carpet, well, we all win.

Executive Chef Roger Michel introduced a new menu last year at the Aquastar Seafood Kitchen and the restaurant got a makeover.

Now they are throwing a party and you are most certainly invited. Not only to eat and like, but to have a chance to prepare some of the dishes during the festival.

If, of course, you are up to the challenge.

Those of us who like to cook, many times, will wear our favorite dishes like a badge of honor.

Of course, there are some things we enjoy making that we know we will find better somewhere else, but the things we do well, we do well. Some people will even brag about it.

"My Brunswick stew is much much better than (insert friend's name)."

Now you have a chance to share that recipe, have it prepared by professional chefs and judged in competition.

Are you ready to put your bravado where your mouth is?

The AquaCurean is hosting a Seafood Challenge for both professionals and amateurs.

They are looking for both pros and weekend warriors to offer a recipe to the festival.

It will then be prepared by Michel and his staff at The Westin. A panel of industry professionals, including yours truly, will then judge the dishes.

The winners not only get some serious bragging rights, but also cash prizes ranging from $500-$1,000.

The weekend is going to be tremendous. On April 25, the festival's first night, finalists will be featured and winners announced.

There will undoubtedly be dozens of seafood dishes to be sampled, with amateur entries served right alongside the professionals.

The next night will be a full display of dishes and cocktails along the Savannah River. The finale on April 27 will feature a Jazz Brunch from 12:30-3:30 p.m.

I have no doubt the weekend will be visually stunning and delicious.

But if you really want to get involved and fight for some real bragging rights, what better way for you to have prepared for a few hundred people and not lift a finger?

What are you waiting for? The deadline for entries is March 21.

For more information on rules and requirements, go to

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

See you on TV,