At a strange intersection of overlapping genres, two unique southeast bands have found a musical kinship.

Several years ago, Durham, N.C.'s Wailin Storms was looking for a band to open for them in Athens. Frontman and founder, Justin Storms, ran across Vincas on the world wide web.

Vincas frontman Chris McNeal in turn was stoked to hear from Wailin Storms and jumped on the show.

Emerging from very different places and scenes, Wailin Storms and Vincas share a surprising amount of musical DNA. Storms began his project as a solo Americana endeavor and as he added members, the volume has been cranked up. More Jesus Lizard influence seeped in. They emerged on the latest album, 2017's "Sick City," with a swampy Southern gothic noise rock/punk sound akin to Vincas.

McNeal kicked off Vincas as a solo project as well, but it began with roots in the noise rock/punk realm. He found guitarist Scott Kviklys, who shared his love of The Stooges, Swans and The Birthday Party. Like Storms, Vincas draws on gothic themes helmed by driving, gritty rhythms, spatial, noisy guitars and elongated baritone vocals.

Not surprising, the two frontmen are fans of each other.

"'Sick City' is dirty," McNeal said of Wailin Storms' newest album. "I really like it. I think the record before was great, super clean. This one was super dirty. That's how they are live. The new record is a good representation of that band. We're like brother/sister bands.

"It's just cool to bump into another band that has the same headspace. We kind of all listen to the same music. To bump into a swampy, weird noise punk band anywhere, is like holy s***. These guys are only like five or six hours from us. We don't bump into bands that sound like that."

Storms heaped similar praise on Vincas' "Deep in the Well."

"⦠In its entirety everything works really well together," Storms said. "It just puts you in the mood of driving through the night. Getting into trouble. Getting reckless."

Both bands have played Savannah several times. Wailin Storms last played on Halloween at El-Rocko Lounge. Vincas played El-Rocko last year, as well. But the two have yet to hit The Jinx together.

The groups will rectify that situation Feb. 24 during a mini southeast tour, with additional stops planned in the Carolinas.

Vincas is in the process of putting together the material for a new record. Writing has been slow, but the new stuff has made it into the current setlist, which is about half unrecorded material.

Wailin Storms released "Sick City" last year. They recorded with Kevin Ratterman at La La Land in Louisville, Ky., who's worked with My Morning Jacket, Andrew Bird, Houndmouth and White Reaper. Looking to capture a truer sense of their live sound, Storms made sure there was ample noise. But, in the end, it turned out to be too much for their label.

"He did a bunch of records with Young Widows," Storms said of Ratterman. "We love the sound that Young Widows has. The sound was immense. It had a level of noise and dissonance that I was drawn to. Some of our favorite records, at least two of our favorite records, were made by him.

"There was some blowback because there was too much dissonance and noise. In some situations, it has too much distortion. We could have went with a cleaner record, but that's the way we went. And having a gritty sounding record - our record label dropped us as a result of that. Which is fine. It worked out better for us."

Savannah's Hotplate is set to open the show. The progressive instrumental metal quartet has been writing a ton of new material that has shifted away from their math-rock origins into a harder-hitting, straight sound indicative of Savannah's metal pedigree.

"Super stoked to play Savannah," McNeal said. "We haven't really played there until recently. Now I am like, I love this city. I've been playing in bands for 17-plus years now. I have not played Savannah until like two years ago. There's been a lot of kick-ass Savannah bands."

Ear protection is, as always, strongly advised.


What: Vincas, Wailin Storms, Hotplate

When: 10 p.m. Feb. 24

Where: The Jinx, 127 W. Congress St.

Cost: $10; 21 and up