"The mainstream media is not the enemy of the people. Donald Trump with his alternative facts (lies) is the enemy of the people."

"How sad it is to drive down Victory Drive in the spring nowadays. Once so beautiful, now it looks as dirty and full of trash like the rest of Savannah!"

"Where can I get one of those Trump/Russian flags?"

"The point is 'illegal' immigrants! If they go through the proper channels as all other legal immigrants, then they can become legal."

"Democrats create financial disasters and Republicans have to tolerate the political abuse that comes with taking corrective action. Thank you for the sacrifice."

"Is Rep. Buddy Carter aware of the very important separation of church and state?"

"My deepest gratitude to the man who sought me out outside of Brighter Day and retrieved my purse."

"Interesting that Trump is turning us into a police state and those concerned about tyranny are suddenly quiet. What do they think tyranny means?"

"After reading today's Savannah Morning News, no question which way it swings. Definitely to the left."

"Not my president? Man, this is not my world."

"God has to deal with big things and doesn't have time for the little things, like those stupid phone machines (robo calls). Hang up immediately as soon as you hear the first word. If everybody would do it every time, those stupid calls would eventually stop."

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