In the grand tradition of duos who grew up together - Simon & Garfunkel, say, or the Indigo Girls - childhood friends Billy Fleming and Zach Stephenson comprise Hockey Dad, an Australian surf rock band coming to Savannah in the wake of their first full-length album release, "Boronia."

And "wake" is the right word - because their lives and music are anchored in the water that sprays behind their surfboards whenever they have a chance to hit the waves. This will be their second time touring through the U.S., which they love, but say that it's "pretty tough going away without our surfboards, especially when it's pumping at home and our mates send us photos. We've resorted to bringing skateboards with us on tour to get our fix."

A description like that could bring to mind The Beach Boys, but Hockey Dad has a distinct sound they admit is "hard for people to label because we don't even know what we are ourselves ⦠we were really into swampy '60s surf rock, so I guess that stuck with us."

Whatever genre they happen to fall into, they bring an infectiously cheerful vibe that one just can't help smiling and nodding along to.

Everything about their music speaks to the life Fleming and Stephenson lead - their passions, their fond memories of growing up in the Australian surf and the act of recording and performing. When asked about their shows and why someone would want to hit theirs, specifically, Fleming gives a wry chuckle and shares a line that seems like the very essence of Hollywood's Australia.

"Well mate, I'll tell you what, it's like going to the zoo to see your favorite Australian marsupials, but instead the bloody animals have flown halfway across the world and are drinking all your beer down at the local bar."

With an attitude like that, how could they not fit perfectly into Savannah Stopover? With 80-some-odd bands playing at the music festival, the boys from Hockey Dad are excited to be playing, but also to be enjoying what Savannah has to offer and the other performers.

"We're so keen for Wreckless Eric," Fleming gushes. "Our mates at home cover 'Whole Wide World' and we always lose our minds whenever they play it!"

Despite their raw exuberance and youth, Fleming and Stephenson aren't new to performing, touring and making music. They released their first EP back in 2013, though they'd been playing local shows for years before that, getting up on stage regularly as a duo since the age of 13. They've toured not just Australia, but also Europe several times, and this will be their second full tour across North America, where they've learned a lot about the culture here.

"We found out that eating burgers and burritos is fun ⦠but can really drag you down in the end, so we might pack our esky [an Australian term for cooler] with some fruit and veggies this time around," Fleming shares.

"We also quickly learnt which states have recreationally legal goods, so it's not hard to guess why we've decided to hang around in Seattle after this tour and record our next album."

Hockey Dad

11:30 p.m. March 9

Wild Wing Cafe, second floor, 27 Barnard St.