Post-punk and rock music are the links that pulled together Chain of Flowers, which will make their first appearance at Stopover on March 9.

Chain of Flowers is a post-punk band that hails from Cardiff, Wales. Members include Joshua Smith (vocals), Ross Jones (lead guitar), Daniel Anderson (bass), Matthew Clements (synthesizer, keys) and Rich Clarke (drums).

The five members met around 2007 and immediately began planning to create music. In 2012, they started Chain of Flowers and started producing post-punk and rock music.

"It was music that pulled us together," Smith said. "If it wasn't for music, we wouldn't have been friends in the first place."

They began producing heavy, fast rock and gradually molded the band to play a post-punk style influenced by classic punk, pop and bands such as The Cure.

They began performing around Wales, and the release of their first album in 2015 also led them to start touring in different cities and countries.

Chain of Flowers has only toured in the U.S. once since the beginning of their music career. Currently, the band is touring in the U.K. but is excited to travel to the United States again, since the first tour exceeded any expectations they had.

Even though the band is constantly traveling, touring and performing music for a variety of audiences, their main goal is not to attain fame but to produce music for their own pleasure.

"We didn't start this band on the basis of being successful; we were just friends playing music. That's the same mindset we have now," Smith said. "The main motive to play music is still us. If it wasn't for the friendship we have or the music we play, we wouldn't be here."

Chain of Flowers

10 p.m. March 9

The Jinx, 127 W. Congress St.