Vita and the Woolf, a band out of Philadelphia, will bring their tour to Savannah Stopover on March 10.

Composed of Jennifer Pague and Adam Shumski, this band features a big voice similar to that of Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine), but maintains an identity that is unapologetically their own.

The pair met through mutual friend (and now manager) Rachel Barrish. They hit it off instantly and found common ground in their professionalism and seriousness about the value of good music.

Though hesitant to label their music with a genre, Pague and Shumski respectively describe the band's sound as "indie, pop, R&B-ish" and "indie-electronic-soul-pop." Shumski, the band's drummer, credits Pague's voice as "paramount to the sound" of the band. Fans have commented on her captivating and animated stage presence, so one can expect Vita and the Woolf to fit easily into the diverse, vibrant Stopover lineup.

Pague enthusiastically says the audience can look forward to hearing "all kinds of different synth sounds, electronic sounds, guitar sounds - using layers to create a cohesive-sounding performance."

Pague and Shumski are both excited to perform in Savannah.

"I love Savannah. I think it's one of the most beautiful cities. I think it will be a really good show, a really good time. I've never played Savannah Stopover, so this will be our first time," Pague says.

Vita and the Woolf previously released an EP that generated the song "Brett," which garnered popularity after being featured on M83's touring playlist. They have since removed the EP from the internet, citing a general evolution of their sound and "not really representing what the band does anymore," Pague said.

Shumski adds, "It was a record that Jen recorded herself a long time ago. It's almost a different thing. It's a completely different style of music. It was done a lot differently than the new record that's going to be released now.

"We want to put our first foot forward with this product and not as much with the other thing that we don't really do anymore," he said. "It doesn't make sense for us to introduce ourselves into the world with material that we don't play anymore that's done in a style that we don't do."

Set to be released this spring, "Tunnels" is Vita and the Woolf's first full-length album, which will include their new single "Qiet," released in November.

Vita and the Woolf will be touring with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah for three weeks immediately after Savannah Stopover. They will then embark on their first album release tour. In June, the band will be performing at the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Del. They have been included in the lineup alongside other big names in music that include The Weeknd, Twenty One Pilots and Chance the Rapper.

Vita and the Woolf

11 p.m. March 10

El-Rocko Lounge, 117 Whitaker St.