Transitioning from the Lowcountry's Charleston, S.C., to the heart of Brooklyn, N.Y., vocalist Christina Cone delivers an astounding blend of soul, folk and pop that leaves fans craving more.

After leaving home at 22 to pursue her dreams, Cone named her new band Frances Cone, in honor of her father and grandfather.

Having spent most of her childhood Sundays in the Southern Baptist choir alongside her pastor father, Cone incorporates gospel and other traditional styles into her romantic music. Cone said "the most pure and beautiful" sounds were the melodies her father sang in church, inspiring her to eventually write her own music.

"My dad and I have the same instincts," Cone said. "The same sort of limit to emotional manipulation."

Cone found bassist Andrew Doherty, and after his winning audition for the band in December 2012, he recruited drummer Alex Baron, his best friend from childhood. With a sprinkle of luck, they happened across guitarist Adam Melchor playing at a bar across the street from Cone's apartment.

Cone likes to "build songs like a music project." Developing her music varies - whether it starts with creating lyrics, then tuning it to instrumentals, or vice versa.

Each song tells its own story, and some have more emotional impact than others.

"I think our song '85' is the closest to me," Cone said. "The song is very literal and I don't write very straightforward, so that was new for me."

"85" is an anthem inspired by the self-written obituary of Jane Lotter as she was losing her fight against stage 3 endometrial cancer. Lotter lived in Seattle where, in 2013, she decided to end her own life at the age of 60 with Washington's Death with Dignity Act.

Cone thought about the obituary for weeks until she put pen to paper to create the lyrics for "85."

"I was also falling in love for the first time and this idea of losing time and not having enough time and being scared of dying for the first time," Cone said. " I had never really given it much thought before then."

After releasing the track, Lotter's family reached out to Cone to send their appreciation.

"Her husband and her kids found me ⦠and emailed me how much the song meant to them," Cone said. "It was so random I couldn't believe it."

Frances Cone is making their first appearance in Savannah for Stopover. The band expects to perform a new track that has yet to be released during the show.

Frances Cone

10 p.m. March 10

El-Rocko Lounge, 117 Whitaker St.