"State Route 204 Spur - the Diamond Causeway from Kroger to Skidaway Island - has become a demonstration of how distracted drivers on a two-lane highway with a 50 mph speed limit are causing recurring, major crashes with deaths, serious injuries and far-reaching disruption to thousands of people on that heavily traveled road when it's shut down for hours at a time."

"Savannah's famous for doing stupid things, but dyeing the Forsyth Park fountain tops the list."

"Leonard Pitts is right on in stating that Dr. Ben Carson is incorrect when he stated that the slaves were brought here as immigrants. It is common knowledge that they were brought here as prisoners. "

"If you're making a cover for your microwave to prevent spying, make sure you line it with heavy-duty, American made aluminum foil."

"In England, the Brits watch lots of TV. In America, it's the TVs that are watching you. "

"If Trump should have to produce evidence that Trump Tower was wiretapped, shouldn't the NYT and others have to prove the smear about Trump's aides colluding with the Russians?"

"Sean Spicer on Monday cleared up the controversy of Trump's tweet, saying the term 'wire-tapping' really meant just a general surveillance of Trump Towers. Brings to mind the Groucho Marx quote: 'Who ya gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes?'"

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