It's Saturday, the revelry of St. Patrick's Day has subsided. It's possible your liver's a bit agitated, but y'all should be friends again soon. In the meantime, how about we look for other ways to "go green" this weekend?

Savannah Tree Foundation has you covered.

In a short, casual and to-the-point chat, executive director Karen Jenkins will present "Urban Trees, five ways you can help our trees," a discussion about community participation in Savannah's green landscape.

These "Soul Chat" events, which take place monthly at Savannah Yoga Center, are given by Savannah's community leaders in a casual setting to inspire and educate. And Jenkins hopes her presentation will help the community advocate for its trees.

"They belong to all of us," Jenkins said. "They are essentially our neighbors, and they're really good neighbors."

During the talk, Jenkins will discuss tree care, tree inspection for homeowners, mulch removal and the importance of being a good steward for Savannah's greenery. With the expansion and developments in our area, the threat on land has grown.

"The hope is that people leave feeling empowered to do more for urban tress," she said. "We've got to plan space and defend the trees, and that starts at home."

Jenkins' background lends itself to a wealth of knowledge. As executive director of the Savannah Tree Foundation, she works to preserve, protect and plant canopy trees across Chatham County. She's always loved trees, growing up among them in Vermont. She is a graduate of the University of Washington's forestry school in Seattle, and an ISA certified arborist.

Locally, Jenkins worked in real estate development and sales in our community, and is currently a board member of the Savannah Bicycle Campaign and a member of the Arbor Day Foundation's advisory committee for the Alliance for Community Trees.

Simply put, she loves trees and will continue to work to save and support the green landscape across Savannah, and educate others in joining the cause.

"Just think about how different our lives would be without the trees of Savannah," she said. "They clean our air, filter our waterways, they provide shade and they create an eye-pleasing landscape.

"The benefits never stop growing," she added - and we can only assume that pun was intended.


What: Soul Chat: Urban Trees, five ways you can help our trees

When: 5:30-6:15 p.m. March 18

Where: Savannah Yoga Center, 1319 Bull St.

Cost: Free