Some seriously funny comedy is headed to Tybee Island.

"I have a truly unique and well-loved comedienne coming to the theater on April 30 - Julie Scoggins, who is a John Boy and Billy regular," says Collin Moulton, founder and director of Collin's Barefoot Comedy Club. "Rabbi Robert Haas also plans on joining us and, of course, I will be there as well."

Scoggins makes regular appearances on XM/Sirius Blue Collar Radio, as well as many syndicated stations including "The John Boy & Billy Show." She has been touring as a full-time stand-up comedian for more than 15 years.

In her performances, Scoggins wants to uplift her audience.

"I'm all about positivity," she says. "I know a lot of comedians who are funny, but they like to vent and complain.

"I would rather just be funny and just point out things. I do a little bit of politics but I don't pick a side.

"I think we're divided enough and need to get back on the same page," Scoggins says. "With my parents, one was a Democrat and one was a Republican, yet they lived in the same house for 52 years and got along just fine."

In her act, Scoggins likes to say, "We never knew which one was which."

Scoggins, who stands 6 feet, 2 inches tall, is an ex-trucker and, yes, a charm school graduate. Born in Charlotte, N.C., she was and is an avid tomboy who had a pony named Ben.

For 12 years, Scoggins drove trucks and at one point, a taxi cab. In 1993, she and her husband, Mark, sold most of their belongings and moved to St. Thomas on the U.S. Virgin Islands, where she worked as a route salesman for Frito-Lay until they returned stateside in 1997.

In addition to "John Boy & Billy in the Morning," Scoggins has done the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and appeared on Comedy Central. She started her comedy career by going to open mics.

Soon, Scoggins realized most of the comedians at open mics were terrible. Her husband encouraged her to try it out, and like that, she was hooked.

To this day, Scoggins often rides her Harley to gigs. On the road about 36 weeks a year, she sets one week a month aside for "marriage preservation."

Scoggins really does try to spend more time at home.

"I try to do three weeks on and one week off," she says. "I work three days of the week and sometimes only a weekend. I work every weekend."

A new DVD is in production which Scoggins has titled "You Know What's Good for That."

"It's something my husband likes to say," she says. "It doesn't matter what you have wrong with you, he thinks sex is good for everything. He's a team player."

Moulton's monthly stand-up comedy show is always family friendly and features his brand of comedy, a guest headliner and an interactive comedy podcast as part of the performance.

"I've known Collin for years and years," Scoggins says. "We got booked together in a club. He was opening for me.

"He was so effervescent and good looking and likable," she says. "Everybody loves him."

Scoggins appeared in a movie titled "The Blunt" that she says was horrible, but it got her listed on IMDB. Since her last time in Savannah, she has continued touring and has appeared on a show on Fuse TV.

"It was a show that featured YouTube stars interspersed with stand-up," she says. "With the whole YouTube phenomenon, people are getting famous."

For Scoggins, funny is supposed to be fun for everyone.

"I want to be funny without stepping on anybody," Scoggins says. "I want to be funny without there being a victim - except my husband. He gets to be a victim."


What: Collin's Barefoot Comedy Club with Julie Scoggins

When: 7 p.m. April 30

Where: Tybee Post Theater, 10 Van Horne Ave., Tybee Island

Cost: $15 adults, $5 children 12 and younger

Info:, 912-472-4790