Comedian Krish Mohan will touch on serious subjects in a most funny way when he performs April 29 at The Wormhole.

"Savannah will be the final stop for the show before it's recorded," Mohan says. "This show particularly is about the stigmas around mental health and the way we've chosen to live our lives."

The name of the show is "Approaching Happiness," in which Mohan explores the idea of happiness and perceptions of mental illness in today's society. It includes discussion of immigration, drugs, gun control, racism and being accountable for the problems we've created.

"I think it's absurd we've come up with a weird system, and so far we're just OK with it," Mohan says. "That's where the funny stuff is, when you point up something absurd that we think is normal.

"The type of comedy I do is different and is not seen a lot on TV," he says. "It's long-form, philosophy-based, it's politics."

Mohan developed his comedy style through trial and tribulation.

"I always knew I had a sense of humor and hoped other people would agree with that," he says. "I figured out comedy is about what is and isn't funny and what matches your personality. It grows and evolves and you figure out what to do with it."

While he was growing up, "The Daily Show" made an impact on Mohan.

"Jon Stewart was my introduction to comedy," he says. "I didn't fully understand 'The Daily Show,' but knew it was funny."

A native of India, Mohan came to the United States as a child.

"Coming to this country when I was 8 helped me figure out some of the pop culture stuff," he says. "I learned that from watching TV."

Ethnicity is a part of Mohan's comedy.

"I can't change my ethnicity," he says. "It's a focal point.

"The CD I recorded last year is called 'How Not to Fit In,'" Mohan says. "That is the type of comedy I want to do. I want to keep elevating from that point."

"How Not to Fit In" is about being an outsider.

"Not just in American culture, but Indian culture," Mohan says. "I remember stuff about India, I know what it's like to be Indian, but I'm in this country.

"I'm in a weird gray area. I'm always an outsider looking in," he says. "That perspective has carried over into my show when I talk about mental health, gun reform, drug reform."

Mohan's first time onstage was in high school when he performed in a talent show his friends told him to do. They said he should talk about the things he talked about at lunch, so he wrote some note cards and did three different five-minute sets, a process he kept up through high school and college.

It was after college that Mohan decided to pursue a career in comedy.

"Once I figured out that comedy was what I wanted to do and graduated from college with no prospect of a job, I decided to pursue it hard," he says. "I liked doing stand-up.

"I started taking it a lot more seriously when I was 21," Mohan says. "Before that, open mics were at bars I couldn't get into. Open mics are where you cut your teeth and learn from your mistakes."

For a time, Mohan had no idea how to pursue a comedy career.

"I was interested in high school but didn't really know what the path was," he says. "I knew that Comedy Central was a thing where people saw comedians.

"But there is a difference between seeing comedy on TV and seeing it live. Watching the comics live teaches you how to react to things the audience does.

"The fun part of doing a live show is you don't know what will happen," Mohan says. "You might watch something develop and bloom right in front of you."

Mohan has opened for nationally touring headliners and appeared at numerous comedy festivals. He is the creator, host and writer of "Fork Full of Noodles," a weekly satire web series.

His first time in Savannah in 2015, Mohan opened for comedian Stewart Huff.

"I'm looking forward to coming back to Savannah," Mohan says. "The last time I got to explore and got some really great ice cream at Leopold's. I have a sweet tooth."


What: Comedian Krish Mohan presents "Approaching Happiness"

When: 9:30 p.m. April 29

Where: The Wormhole, 2307 Bull St.

Cost: $10 at the door

Info: 912-713-2855,