Imagine Mark Evans' surprise when he found out the comedic song he wrote and performed, "Southern Not Stupid," was being broadcast on Pandora.

"I have no musical background and am not particularly a country music fan," the Atlanta comedian says. "I didn't sing it; I did the spoken intro.

"Pandora picked it up and said it was by an unknown author and was untitled," he says. "The video can be seen on"

Evans, who will be part of the Savannah Comedy Revue on May 13, has made a career of his mission to change misconceptions of the South and its people. His song fits right in.

"I say how I blame Hollywood for the stereotype of Southerners," Evans says. "They gave us things like 'The Beverly Hillbillies,' 'Green Acres' and 'Deliverance.'

"Some people see those as documentaries," he says.

Comedy has always fascinated Evans.

"I just hit 24 years in comedy," he says. "I always had a good sense of humor, but I never dreamed of this.

"If George Carlin or Rodney Dangerfield was on 'The Tonight Show,' I would sneak down to watch," Evans says. "I think my mom let me watch them because she knew how much I liked them."

At one point, Evans was a DJ at Studebaker's in Atlanta.

"I missed doing something behind the microphone," he says. "I took a comedy workshop. People started offering me money to do comedy."

Eventually, the "Southern Not Stupid" hook emerged.

"That is what most of the show and merchandise is about," Evans says. "As a lifetime Southerner, I'm sick of everyone thinking Southerners are stupid."

A friend left Evans a message to let him know she had just heard his song on Pandora.

"On the one hand, it's great they picked it up," Evans says. "On the other hand, they did it without my permission and didn't give me credit for it."

The situation has been corrected and isn't likely to happen again.

"I've trademarked it and started a merchandise business with it that's slowly growing," he says. "If they just get them on the shelves, they go. I'm just living the dream."


What: Savannah Comedy Revue presents Mark Evans

When: 8 p.m. May 13

Where: Bay Street Theatre, Club One, 1 Jefferson St.

Cost: $10 or $15 VIP