"I think the Savannah and Chatham County officials need to force a curfew time for River Street and all of downtown. Nobody needs to be out after all establishments have closed."

"I have two suggestions for Tybee to make Orange Crush less desirable to the young people next year. Pipe in loud classical music, and also have a Senior Citizen's Day at Tybee on the same day. The sight of Gramps in a speedo should do it."

"I guess golfing with the president when we are in a sequester is more important than a budget Senator Chambliss!"

"New charge by Comcast. They now are charging $2.99 to take money out of your account. No other utility does this. I have had trouble with Comcast now for five months with bad service and billing for service I don't have."

"To the naïve, uneducated girls with babies; why do you feed them garlic mashed potatoes, pieces of cheese bread and sweet tea? Is there no guidance in your lives?"

"Today I witnessed a miracle. A police car that actually had its turn signals on."

"I've sat through so many South Carolina campaign ads that I feel like I should be allowed to vote!"

"Well Garden City is in the news again, wanting to raise the tax rate. They shouldn't have built that Taj Mahal!"

"I feel bad for the way Ann Curry was treated but she does earn millions of dollars a year and only has to do a few interviews a year. "

"Sounds like there is a bad case of Robe-itis in Recorder's Court!"

"This is regarding the article about the anti-bullying movement. I feel bad about the girl getting bullied, but why was she allowed on Facebook and to text and email? Why did her parents allow access to those things?"

"Why does Savannah Morning News have to print Leonard Pitts columns? It's always the same thing, the mean old white man taking advantage of the poor black man."

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