The most common word you will hear when you talk to a chef?

Especially a new chef in town?

It's not the word "fresh," and it's not the word "creative" or "delicious" or "genuine."

Those are all candidates for most spoken word, and you will definitely hear them in a conversation with any restaurant representative, but it's not the most popular.

That word is "local."

Like 40 is the new 30, "local" is the word chefs chase most for their kitchens when trying to give their guests a genuine (there's that one again) experience.

Some are more successful than others, and still others (both here in Savannah and everywhere else) will tell you their products are local and use their own creative definition.

An increasing number of kitchens in the area are using whatever they can from the region. A lot of them will tell you they are using local products and even listing area farms on their menus.

The trend is growing statewide - nationwide, really - and now the Georgia Restaurant Association has gotten behind a statewide tour aimed at bringing you (the curious consumer) some of Georgia's best locally grown products.

It's called Eat GA, and it's coming to Savannah on June 17.

Proteins to produce, cheeses to chocolates: There is an overwhelming abundance of these things right here in our state that people don't really know about, much less seek out to enjoy.

Sweet Grass Dairy is arguably one of the most popular dairy farms in the state.

It's all the way over in Thomasville, but you'd better believe it offers one of the most sought-after cheeses in our city.

Durrence Farms in Glenville is owned and operated by the same folks behind Daniel Reed Hospitality, owners of Local 11ten, Public Kitchen and Bar and SOHO South Café.

With all of that in mind, this tour is coming to town and they are having a party. Of course, you are invited.

Executive Chef Brandy Williamson of Local11ten is one of the chefs involved in this event. We know it's one of the top restaurants in Savannah.

Along with Chef Brandy, you will find Jacob Hammer of Local 11ten, Brian Gonet of Public Kitchen and Bar and David Ouimet of Purple Sage Catering.

In addition to those chefs, our favorite chocolatier, Adam Turoni, will be part of this event, as well as Jay Cantrell from NLaws Produce.

It's fantastic culinary talent together under one roof using strictly items from a short list of Georgia farms to present you with one amazing foodie experience.

A cocktail reception, six courses (yes, SIX) and wine pairings for $85 is a fantastic deal.

There isn't anywhere around where you will get these types of chefs carefully crafting a menu for you to enjoy for that price.

Not only that, but proceeds benefit America's Second Harvest Food Bank. I can't possibly throw any more good news about this event at you, can I?

I'd have bought my tickets for it already, but I return from vacation late that night, so I'll miss out on the opportunity to chat with great chefs, fantastic farmers and the others associated with building this event.

Heck, the mere fact that Savannah is being included on this tour will tell you something about where our food scene is headed.

Athens, Atlanta, Jekyll Island and Thomasville are just a few on the list.

We should be honored to be included. This is going to be a great event that deserves to sell out.

Hope you can make it. You most definitely should.

Tell them you are a local.

For more information or to make your reservation for the Eat GA dinner at SOHO South Café, go to

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