Due to impending Hurricane Irma, this event has been rescheduled to the first Saturday in October.

In addition to being a full-time artist, Tiffani Taylor is the founder of the Savannah Art Walk.

"I founded the Savannah Art Walk because I wanted to know what my fellow artists were doing and wanted to be supportive of them," she says. "I really believe in a guild mentality. We're a tribe and we're here to help each other.

"I wanted to help increase traffic to the galleries and support artists," Taylor says. "It's also for the community. I wanted to make it free, so people could have beautiful memories and collect art."

The art walk is beginning its fourth year on Sept. 9.

"We definitely have grown in the last four years," Taylor says. "Now we have a strong mailing list and name recognition."

The list of activities for the upcoming event is a long one.

"We start at 2 p.m. at The Brice Hotel with free cocktails," Taylor says. "Our guests receive a map and instructions for obtaining our app. We have some sponsor artists who will speak about their work.

"At 3 p.m., people will begin a self-guided tour. We do have links to all the galleries.

"During the Art Walk, people can visit the 18 galleries we have on the tour this year," she says. "It's an event people can enjoy all year long and see some new and unique blends."

At 6 p.m., a free after party is held at The DeSoto Hotel, which has its own Savannah College of Art and Design collection with art for sale.

"My favorite part of the after party is when we award guests for their patronage," Taylor says. "The guests who spend $20 or more receive raffle prizes. The galleries provide five prizes each. We reward them with extra art for their collections.

"Another portion of SAW is when we shine a light on up-and-coming artists," she says. "An artist gives four or five sentences about their art and displays it for patrons to see."

Taylor was 17 and living in Ogden, Utah, when she saw information about SCAD.

"I knew it was my home," she says. "I've been a professional artist for 20 years.

"I just knew I was an artist and was willing to devote time and energy to art," Taylor says. "I paint, I also do pottery and have a lifestyle brand with items for the home."

There are many reasons to attend the Savannah Art Walk.

"I would just encourage people to come because it's a free event and you really experience the heart and soul of Savannah," Taylor says. "You will leave inspired. We artists are in need of hope and inspiration."

Currently, Taylor is teaching for the SCAD branch in Lacoste, France.

"I did teach a painting class to students who are going to attend SCAD," she says. "Now I'm here teaching Après SCAD for alumni who want to be rejuvenated and inspired.

"I love my SCAD family," Taylor says. "I arrived on Aug. 13 and will return home just in time for this special Savannah Art Walk. I will be there in person."


What: Savannah Art Walk

When: 2-7 p.m. Sept. 9

Where: Starts at the Brice Hotel, 601 E. Bay St.

Cost: Free

Info: savannahartwalk.com