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Eat It and Like It: Find good eats on Savannah’s River Street

  • Boar’s Head Tavern and Grill
  • Boar’s Head Tavern and Grill
  • Dockside Seafood
  • Dub’s Pub
  • The Naked Dog

Eat It and Like It: Find good eats on Savannah’s River Street

19 Sep 2017

I find the relationship Savannah residents have with River Street particularly fascinating. I always have.

It’s not uncommon to find runners down there early in the morning enjoying a cup of coffee. It’s equally as common to find someone sitting on the deck at Tubby’s enjoying a beverage and watching ships go by.

I gave it some thought recently and I don’t know if there is a prettier and more diverse waterfront for hundreds of miles. Jacksonville Landing? Yeah, not quite.

All of that said, we had a free Saturday last week thanks to Hurricane Irma, so we decided to celebrate a birthday by sampling our way up River Street. We hit a little of this and a little of that. While I am regularly amused by the number of people who assume that getting as close to the waterfront as possible guarantees you the freshest and never-frozen seafood, there are some good eats to be found.

We had a great time playing tourist in a city 14 million people are flocking to on a yearly basis. Headed down to the riverfront for Oktoberfest in a few weeks? Take some notes:

The Naked Dog

502 E. River St.;

The Naked Dog has been on River Street for years. On the heels of their success there, they tried their hand at a brick and mortar spot on Bull Street. That didn’t work out. Luckily for you, the kiosk on the river is still there, right next to Joe’s Crab Shack.

No frills, nothing dramatic, but it is a great spot to grab an inexpensive bite and sit in the courtyard with a full view of the river. Great gelato as well. For all of those who like to complain about prices downtown and on the river, grab a hot dog and have a seat.

Boar’s Head Tavern and Grill

1 N. Lincoln St.;

Boar’s Head is the antithesis of what a lot of people expect River Street food to be. Yes, it’s an old space. Yes, there is a ton of history, fantastic views and a great bar. Check, check, check.

But Boar’s Head is different in that there is a clear attention to detail you won’t find in a lot of spots along the river. The food is good to great, depending on what you get. No, you aren’t going to find a list of local farmers who supply their ingredients on the menus or things you can’t properly pronounce. Not at all. But you aren’t going to walk out of there smelling like a hushpuppy, either.

Ultimately, this is casual food, prepared with a little more care than you will find along River Street. Reasonable prices, too.

Dockside Seafood

201 W. River St.,

I have no trouble admitting that we dove into Dockside Seafood because the Florida-Tennessee game was winding down and we needed a TV and a beer to watch the end. What an ending it was, too.

While we were there, we not only grabbed some food, but I also ran into a few friends. There was a 12-top of locals enjoying dinner served family style. They tell me they dine there often. Pretty good endorsement when there are dozens of places in Savannah to get a similar meal. The nibbles we had were great, as well. Good enough for me to add them to this list.

I’m intrigued. I will be back. If for nothing else, those fried shrimp that were flying back, looking good enough to chase.

Dub’s Pub

225 W. River St.;

I’ve put Dub’s Pub on lists like this before. Even featured them on our television show.

Dub’s doesn’t get a whole lot of play from the locals because it is down on the extreme western end of River Street. They’ve made some changes to the set-up there. The old dining room is now the game room. Game room is now the dining room. Result is more games and fewer seats to eat, but that isn’t ever a problem. There are plenty of seats to enjoy and a full bar.

Dub’s is clean, impeccably restored and hands down the best place to watch a sporting event on River Street.


The lead was buried underneath the plans for Hurricane Irma, but if you missed it a couple of weeks ago, Husk Savannah has announced they are opening to the public Dec. 4. I got a walk-through, and the space is going to be amazing. The bar will be among the most beautiful in the state. Read all about it now at

Our friends at Big Bon Pizza and Atlantic are teaming up for an interesting pop-up event Oct. 2. It’s called Hunt, Gather, Feast. Menu looks great. See it now at Space is limited.

Some doings with us at EIALI: New season of TV has been moved down a week because of Irma. Season premiere will be Sunday, Oct. 1, with a look at Savannah’s Starland District.

Also, we are launching a podcast. Savannah’s first food podcast will be up and running very shortly. Look for it on our website and our Facebook page. We’ll be ringing that bell. We’re calling the podcast “Shuck It!” Well, because why not?

Follow along on social media any time: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It’s about to get wild around here.