It may not be the film's major premiere with stars like Alan Rickman, but Savannah will soon get its first glimpse of "CBGB," the indie film shot on the city's streets last year. The movie, which borrows its name from the legendary New York rock club it chronicles, will be shown at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 17 at the Carmike Wynnsong 11. The local presentation of the film shot in downtown Savannah over 25 days last July is unique, said Meddin Studios Creative Director Nick Gant, because Savannah is the only small town screening it. "It's exciting for us," Gant said. "We did a huge premiere in (Los Angeles) and it was featured in New York. It's going to go to the big cities like Chicago but not smaller ones right now. About 60 to 70 percent of the crew was local, so because of that Savannah connection, it's good for us to get it here." Meddin Studios invested in the about $5 million film and was an executive producer, Gant said. It worked as a service and equipment provider during the production. The studio's Louisville Road headquarters also served as the interior of CBGB for filming and included the establishment's original bar and famed toilet seats. "It went really, really well," Gant said. "It was a great project to be involved in, and it was great exposure for (Meddin) and for the city." While details are still being worked out, Gant expects many locals involved in the filming to attend the movie that will be shown to up to 520 people in Wynnsong's largest theatre. A post-screening question and answer session over the internet with director Randall Miller and a key cast member has been scheduled and he hopes to include a red carpet. "We're going to have a really fun event Thursday," Gant said. "No one in the local community has seen it yet, so we're excited to be offering it up." IF YOU GOWhat: Local premiere "CBGB"Where: Carmike Wynnsong 11, 1150 Shawnee St.When: 7:30 p.m. Oct. 17Cost: $10.25 (according to Fandango)Info:,