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Savannah Comedy Review offers chance to audition for ‘America’s Got Talent’

  • The eighth annual Savannah Comedy Revue Contest will be Nov. 11.

Savannah Comedy Review offers chance to audition for ‘America’s Got Talent’

07 Nov 2017

Where did the years go?

The Savannah Comedy Revue’s eighth annual Comedy Contest will be Nov. 11 at the Bay Street Theatre. Over the years, the contest has become quite popular with competitors.

“I count 15 right now,” says Tom Paris, Savannah Comedy Revue founder and owner. “I’ll probably cap it at 18. I officially have 10, but there are five thinking about it.”

Some of the entrants will get the chance to audition for “America’s Got Talent.”

“There are stipulations,” Paris says. “They have to nail it right out of the box.

“You have to make the audience laugh in 10 seconds,” he says. “If you’re slow out of the box, you’re out.”

That’s because “AGT” wants comedians who are going to be funny and able to reach an audience instantly.

“They have levels,” Paris says. “It’s tough. I talked to a comic about it, and he said it’s because they’re looking for something that they can put on TV, like on ‘The Tonight Show.’ People are waiting to laugh.”

Being on stage isn’t easy.

“You have to break a cold crowd; even writers and stuff, the first thing they do is warm the crowd up,” Paris says.

The contest’s success is due to its reputation, including up to $1,000 in prizes.

“… Last year, one judge liked one of the comics and put him in some feature films he was doing in Savannah. Now he’s doing feature films more than I am,” Paris says.

Last year’s winner was the improbably named Damien Damien.

“He was really funny,” Paris says. “Three of the judges loved him a lot. They thought he was really good.

“Everything up there is clean. There is adult content, but it isn’t gross or anything R-rated.”

Each comic who auditions for “AGT” gets a copy of the audition to send to casting directors, talent agents, movie industry agents and others looking for people with comic timing for movies.

Also, agents for feature comics are on the lookout.

“They get to travel and go around the country,” Paris says. “The contest is open to everybody. The youngest we ever had was 15 years old and he won.”

The boy’s secret was taking one of Paris’ workshops to learn the ropes of the comedy business.

“It’s not to make them funny, it’s just to help them put a set together,” Paris says. “If we get at least five people, I will help introduce them to the comedy world and let them know how it works.”


What: Savannah Comedy Revue Comedy Contest

When: 8 p.m. Nov. 11

Where: Bay Street Theatre, 1 Jefferson St.

Cost: $10-$15

Info: 314-503-9005,