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Living Colour brings Grammy-winning style of funk and rock to Savannah’s Stage on Bay


Living Colour brings Grammy-winning style of funk and rock to Savannah’s Stage on Bay

07 Nov 2017

You don’t typically quote The Notorious B.I.G.’s rap lyrics during mic checks when you’re a legend of funk metal. But Living Colour’s frontman Corey Glover has been doing it for years, and the band’s latest album “Shade” now features a cover of B.I.G.’s “Who Shot Ya?”

Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality” was rock gospel when it debuted, and the ode to the power of charisma earned the 1990 Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance.

For bassist Doug Wimbish, whose band hits Savannah’s Stage on Bay on Nov. 10, this blending of hip hop and hard rock is a direct link to his Sugarhill Records days.

“‘Who Shot Ya?’ is obviously based on the story of Biggie Smalls and Tupac and their history, their beef, and unfortunately both of those gentlemen died from gun violence,” Wimbish said. “The idea that this is something that is acceptable, that is normal. Every day here, people [are] getting shot all the time.”

Wimbish says Glover has recited verses from “Who Shot Ya?” at venues around the world to set sound levels, so it was natural that the song was one of the first recorded for the band’s sixth studio album.

Living Colour takes the lyrics from Biggie’s 1994 hit and in the music video superimposes them with names from the gun violence stories we’ve heard daily for years, from the suicide of Kurt Cobain to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Sometimes we’re like the news with a beat,” says Wimbish. “Sometimes you’ve got to get people in between a speaker and some headphones on the dance floor to talk to them a little bit.”

Getting folks between a speaker and some headphones has never been an issue for Living Colour. Remember their crazy neon colors and head-banging dreads from the ’90s? That level of high energy and killer musical talent is still part of everything they do.

The band had another Grammy win with “Time’s Up” and nominations for “Glamour Boys” and “Leave It Alone.” And the resume on these guys is nothing short of amazing.

Wimbish has a reputation for his bass skills and has stellar credentials in hip hop and more. He frequently rubbed elbows with Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones even before joining the Living Colour circle.

Glover launched a successful solo career, has impressive credits as a film and television actor and headlined a national tour of “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

Guitarist Vernon Reid is one of the most respected masters of his instrument in the last 30-plus years and also lists songwriter, producer, band leader and photographer on his skills set.

Drummer Will Calhoun is not only a producer and musical engineer, but also easily flows from heavy metal, rock, pop and jazz and has been credited with being one of the first to mix some of the genres.

The new material boasts heavy funk influences, while giving you the shredding metal you need from a band like Living Colour. There’s a cameo from funk icon George Clinton in “Two Sides” and there are covers of “Preachin’ Blues” from Robert Johnson and Marvin Gaye’s “Inner City Blues.”

Living Colour promises to bring its energy to the Stage on Bay this weekend. Pop/rock artist Derek Day will open the show. Day is a regularly featured artist at Whiskey-A-Go-Go on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.


What: Living Colour with Derek Day

When: 8 p.m. Nov. 10

Where: The Stage on Bay, 1200 W. Bay St.

Cost: $29-$39