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Eat It and Like It: Noble Fare owner adds sandwich/salad shop Totally Baked to Savannah landscape

  • Original salads and dressings are offered at Totally Baked. (Provided photo)
  • Totally Baked's Muffaletta features an olive salad made in-house. (Provided photo)
  • Totally Baked is now open at the corner of Jefferson and Jones streets in downtown Savannah. (Provided photo)

Eat It and Like It: Noble Fare owner adds sandwich/salad shop Totally Baked to Savannah landscape

14 Nov 2017

Chefs regularly tell me they wished they were able to do more with the 80 hours a week (on the low end) they work. Almost all of them will tell you that. Especially if they own their own restaurant.

If they are working for the man, then they come in, put in the hours, smoke a cigarette or two in the lane, close out their shift, have a beer, go home and repeat. If they are lucky, they see the sun. If they are not, then it’s a hamster wheel.

Patrick McNamara is one of those chefs dedicated to his craft and his family inside of a tiny kitchen at the corner of Jefferson and Harris streets in downtown Savannah. If you dine out with any regularity, then you know that corner as Noble Fare, one of Savannah’s “off-the-beaten-path” fine dining restaurants.

For years “Patty Mac,” as he is affectionately known, had been wanting to branch out from his fine dining following and do a little more. There’s been some experimentation with TV dinner tasting menus at Noble Fare, but there was always a big picture “Plan B” that Pat wanted to make a run at. The problem was, frankly, his own inability to trust someone enough with Plan A.

Well, the day has finally come and now Patty has opened a neighborhood sandwich shop downtown. It’s called Totally Baked. Early reviews are fantastic.

“We first talked about Totally Baked about 15 years ago,” he tells me. Pat’s wife Jennifer was still at Kent State and he was working fo ra restaurant group at the time.

“Probably two years ago, we started a catering company. What would fuel that is a sandwich shop for clean food. Then we starting looking for a space.”

The space they settled on is at the corner of Jefferson and Jones streets, diagonally across from the iconic Crystal Beer Parlor. No real competition there, though. Totally Baked is a sandwich and salad shop, with Pat putting his skills to work creating original salads and dressings, as well as classic sandwiches.

The sandwiches he’s making are huge. Undoubtedly enough for two people. There is a Muffaletta with an olive salad, of course made in house. There’s a Great Dane, which features roast beef, blue cheese and horseradish, as well as the Meathead with mortadella, Serrano ham, roast beef, Black Forest ham and more. The salads, including a wheatberry salad he offered me as a side with quinoa and kale, was fantastic.

The question remains, though: If Patty Mac is ramping up a sandwich shop, who is running the show at Noble Fare? Well, for now, he is as well. There’s a lot of double duty involved right now. Mornings and mid-day at Totally Baked, afternoons/evenings and nights at Noble. That schedule, however, has a shelf life. Pat tells me he has finally found the right person to bring along at Noble and turn loose on Savannah’s food scene.

“My knees are getting tired,” he says. “You get up in age and that engine light starts coming on a little more frequently. But I have found the right person. He will be down in a few weeks and we are going to shake things up and grow them both.”

There are some cosmetic changes in store for Noble Fare after the first of the year, as well as, most likely, a tweaked menu. We can chat about those another time. For now, Patty Mac is working all of the hours making two spots work, and despite the long hours, he admits to being re-energized by a new concept to bring a whole new set of ideas to town.

“Not just re-energized. I realized I’m stopping myself from growing,” he says of only being committed to Noble Fare. “Let’s bring in some young energy to push the concept and I will show him maybe how to make a little bit of money.”

Totally Baked is open six days a week. I have no doubt you will eat it and like it.

See you on TV,



Address: 348 Jefferson St.

Hours: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Saturday



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Congratulations to everyone involved with the Savannah Food & Wine Festival. It took only five years, but every event last weeksold out. Yes, including Taste of Savannah. That is a monumental task for a city of our size. Bigger and better to come, I’m sure!Cheers!

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