"The corridor of I-16, with the removal of all the trees, looks like a nuclear wasteland. I sure hope the Department of Natural Resources will seed that with natural flowers or shrubs that would be soothing to the eye as you're driving. No, not even the State Patrol can hide there, in these barren wastelands."

"Someone wanted to know if Hillary knew how to spell hypocrite. Does Donald Trump know how to spell liar?"

"Hey, we as Americans could save billions of tax dollars by eliminating the courts. We don't need them anymore; just accuse someone of anything and the media will convict them for us. It's a slam-dunk."

"Now that Hollywood and the modern culture have made sex and violence the way to go, they're shocked that all of us want to participate in it."

"You're right about there not being too many Democrats who are billionaires, because actually we pay our taxes, unlike Tweety Bird in the White House."

"There have been many great western movies made. I mean many, so many great movies, but the very best was the movie 'Shane' - best western movie ever made."

"Regardless of their personal political belief, a local news anchor should refer to the president of the United States as President Trump, not simply Trump. It is disrespectful to the office."

"Family members drove trucks for over 40 years in their life and raised families and never killed a single person. Other things never kill, like cars, guns; it's usually human beings using these things."