At this time of the year, there are three kinds of people in this world.

1. Those who get way out in front of the entire ordeal that is "The Holidays," finishing their shopping by Nov. 15, putting the tree up, making the turkey and getting that same tree down by noon Dec. 26.

2. Those who wait until the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade wraps up to get into the holiday spirit and start knocking out their list of shopping here and there, either online or in person.

Then there is person No. 3. This person gives lots of thought to what they'd like to grab for their significant other at Christmas. Narrowing that list down is a task unto itself. Actually getting to the store to kick some tires? Well, that might just happen sometime after Dec. 22 - at which point, most of the getting has been got.

Have no fear! I fit firmly into one of those three aforementioned categories, and I am looking out for you. Food lover in your life? I've got a short list of some oldies but goodies as well as some new twists on holiday cheer.

Gift baskets from NLaws

Our friends at NLaws Produce started an at-home produce delivery service this year. Incredible convenience if you aren't sure what to grab for a friend, a co-worker or perhaps a neighbor.

Not only can you include some of their fruit in a basket, but you can also choose any number of locally made products to put in there as well. Savannah Bee Co., Savannah Coffee Roasters, The Salt Table, River Street Sweets and much more. Best part? You can shop online and have it delivered. They'll just think you drove all over town for a true taste of Savannah. Place your order at

Coffees special to Savannah

Coffees are very popular at the holidays. They travel well and offer a local flavor to whomever you'd like share a cup of joe with, near or far.

We have some fabulous coffee roasters in this city, with PERC ( and Savannah Coffee Roasters ( being the two most popular. Each of those obviously offer lots of holiday gift options, but how about you get everyone in on the game? Include a bag from Blends Coffee Boutique on Broughton ( and Cup to Cup on Abercorn (

They all do a great job and it would be nice to offer someone the most Savannah coffee variety you can for a unique gift you don't see many other places.

Pints of Leopold's Ice Cream

Yes, Leopold's ships its pints and has been doing so for a couple of years now. We know how popular they are. We also know how wonderful the ice cream is. But seriously, is there a better way to bring a smile to someone's face halfway across the country if they grew up with Leopold's Ice Cream? Probably not.

There is a four-pint minimum to ship, but they put a tremendous amount of care into packaging and shipping to ensure the product that shows up at your loved one's door is just the same as if they had picked up a pint to go on Broughton Street. Order at

Darin Sehnert's Kitchen Table

This is the best-kept-but-becoming-less-and-less-of-a-secret in Savannah when it comes to anything food. Darin's shop near the intersection of Abercorn and Victory is a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility used primarily for cooking classes and things like that. What most people don't realize is that he has a full-blown retail space up front. It's not small, either.

After Kitchenware Outfitters closed in the Twelve Oaks Shopping Plaza, Darin's space became the best location in Savannah to get specialized kitchen tools (whether in stock or ordered) along with answers about exactly what it is that you need. Let's see Amazon top that.

Chef Darin knows his stuff. Pay him a visit. He also offers gift certificates for instruction or merchandise as well. More info at

Eat It and Like It's Fried Chicken and Champagne Dinner

Shameless promotion? Perhaps. I will tell you, however, that this event is unique. And a perfect surprise gift for the guy whose lovely lady loves Champagne, but he doesn't know where to take her without breaking the bank.

This is our second year hosting this event. It's fantastic and it's right downtown at the B Historic Hotel on Montgomery Street. Chef Will Herrington's Sweet Tea Brined Fried Chicken will have you talking about it for days. The bubbles we will pour? Same thing. All you can eat and drink for one price: $63. It all goes down at 7 p.m. Jan. 18. Tickets and more information at

See you on TV,



Local favorite The 5 Spot is celebrating five years in Habersham Village. They are doing so with a little party and you are invited, from 4-7 p.m. Dec. 5, with food specials, free chili and ice cream for the kids.

You've heard me chirp about Prohibition Savannah here a couple of times. Hearing lots of good buzz about the new space on MLK downtown. They are now offering brunch from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on both Saturdays and Sundays.

Football's got us crazy this week, so a few picks: UGA gets payback against Auburn; Clemson knocks Miami back to reality; Ohio State upsets Wisconsin and as a result, the entire apple cart. My final four after Saturday: Clemson, UGA, Oklahoma, Alabama. #GoCanes #BeatClemson

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