The Savannah Urban Garden Alliance presents its Tour de Coop, featuring chicken coops and sustainable home-grow operations in and around Savannah.

"It's not the sum total of what SUGA is all about," said Shabnam Gideon, SUGA interim director, "But it's a neat and interesting way to get other people interested about the types of things they can do on their own land."

The tour will begin at Southern Pine Company with an urban homesteading expo featuring vendors such as Victory Gardens, Grow-Eat-Repeat and Savannah Hydroponics.

Trolleys will then tour three separate routes around Savannah, stopping along the way to see home-grow operations and chicken coops. Cyclists will be given a map for a self-guided tour.

"When the folks arrive at the coops, at the homes, the homeowners will be there and sort of give them a little introduction to what they're doing and the other things that are happening in their garden," she said.

Since last year, the Savannah Backyard Chickens Facebook group has grown nearly four-fold, echoing the interest in sustainable farming.

"It's a food security thing, and education thing. If you can grow and produce on your own land, then you're less dependent on the economy or local food access. You can provide for yourself," she said. "Also, people are just becoming more interested in that type of style, the DIY aspect."

After the tour, a silent auction will conclude the event at Southern Pine Company.

"It's interesting that the community gardening ordinance was passed this past year to allow for any lot to be used for urban gardening," she said. "The more we can promote that, the more we can take advantage of some of the things the city is making available."