Getting recognized for musical prowess in Savannah is hard enough, but an unlikely trio is proving that journey is worth the effort.

With much praise and support from local musician KidSyc, The Wild Bunch is slowly taking hold of the hip-hop and rap scene in and around Savannah. The Wild Bunch features three Savannahians setting the pace for original hip-hop from the Port City.

DO sat down with Cash Flo, Reggie T and Chris Stark leading up to their mixtape release party at Dollhouse Productions.

How'd y'all get your start?

Cash: (Reggie) and I have known each other since high school, so we've been rapping. And when we started working at The Crab Shack and that's when we got together. The way this all started was we did a show at The Jinx, we won a 30-minute spot, a showcase, and we had a lot of people come out. That's how this, basically, started.

What kind of emotions came with an experience like that?

Cash: I'll put it to you this way. Nobody in there had heard our music until that night. Everybody walked out of there wanting to hear it again. I felt good. I felt real good.

Chris: The next time we were there, we didn't even bring our own crowd.

Cash: We love doing this, but you can't go broke doing what you love, so we figured out a way to make money.

We are gonna continue to do this every two months and if it does good, for the next year, we're gonna do it once a month. But it's not just gonna be us performing.

We're trying to get other people in the city to come out, get a chance to put some money in their pockets and have people come out and see them. It's not just all about us; it's about helping other folks at the same time - the whole hip-hop community.

What inspired the name of your group?

Reggie: I told someone that it was off "RocknRolla," but they got their name from the old Western, so we stuck with that.

How about inspiration for your music?

Cash: I rap based off of emotion. I rap about something on the beat, how it makes me feel.

Chris: Sometimes it's real-life situations. We're just getting put out there now, people are just starting to notice us.

We're trying to catch people's attention. The music we're making now is something that you think, 'Did they really just say that? Is that really what they're rapping about right now?'

You're referring to the difference in race?

Cash: I like the combination we've got going on. We can vibe on these tracks and help each other out.

As long as we can keep this up, and keep moving, we'll be all right.