Kids cooped up until the New Year?

After the holiday hustle, give them a chance to get out of the house and get creative at Angela Beasley's Puppet People workshop and puppet show.

Children ages 1 to 15 will leave the workshop with a handcrafted puppet of their very own.

Whether you have a toddler who loves coloring or a pre-teen exploring theater, Beasley makes sure every child in her workshop is engaged, entertained and actively learning about theater and the technical aspects of her company's craft.

The puppet forms used in the workshop are pre-cut and pre-produced by The Puppet People, using materials the company uses for their own shows. The forms will then be adorned and personalized by students.

"We'll have the really nice giant noses and ears, all the parts and pieces we use to put it together into something they'll want to keep," Beasley said.

As the budding designers arrive, Beasley begins their experience with a hands-on tour of her puppet factory.

"They'll get to experience, hold and work simple puppets, try on masks and act it out," she said.

The Puppet People's recent works include life-size custom orders for corporate conventions and entertainment, and in the spirit of the season, the Queen Pirate Rat created for the Savannah Ballet Theatre's production of "The Nutcracker."

Beasley will show participants The Puppet People's process and finished products.

Fan favorites include suave Elvis (uncanny with his signature lip curl), "J. Low" Juliette Gordon-Low (visiting Girl Scout troops are frequent workshop attendees) and even a blue-eyed, wide-grinning "Paula Queen" (Paula Deen).

Following the workshop, there will be a live puppet show in the studio's performance space.

Beasley advises that her shows are always interactive.

A natural performer at a young age herself, she welcomes children and their parents to try their hand at puppetry for the first time.

Physical puppets aside, the workshop is a fascinating opportunity for parents and children to get an inside look at a uniquely creative small business located right here in Savannah

As Beasley says with a smile, "You just don't see cities with puppet factories!"