"God bless the angel that turned my pocketbook in at Sam's on Saturday. I almost had a heart attack losing it, but God bless the person that turned it in. Merry Christmas."

"So many people feel like it's torture to see a fast food commercial on Christmas Day, only to realize that the place is closed. You have to wait until tomorrow."

"OK, so Mark Streeter is on vacation. The Dec. 27 political cartoon was awesome. Maybe he should stay on vacation."

"People are still giving Donald Trump a hard time. Why don't they leave him alone? They say he's an embarrassment to the country. Do they think that Hillary is not an embarrassment to the country?"

"My wish for 2018 is to stop cutting all the trees on our highways and interstate system and start replanting trees, and I wish for peace."

"Could someone please let me know where the Walmart that is on the television commercial is located so I can go to Walmart with pleasant employees and with fast exit lines?"

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