As the band's name suggests, Little Tybee has deep connections to the Georgia coast.

Sometimes those coastal roots are obvious. The album "Building a Bomb" references the infamous, unarmed nuclear weapon dropped in Wassaw Sound in 1958. The video for the beautiful song "I Wonder Which House the Fish will Live In" features gorgeous scenes from a sailing trip along the coast.

Even if the songs do not have clear coastal connections, we might be hearing echoes of Savannah in the lush, complex instrumentation and the unexpected diversions.

Singer and guitarist Brock Scott grew up in Savannah. In a return to physical and artistic roots, Brock and the band's violinist Nirvana Kelly Scott will be performing a special show at 8 p.m. Jan. 6 at The Sentient Bean, 13 E. Park Ave.

"My friends and I used to attend the open mic at The Bean when we were in high school and just getting started in songwriting," Brock told me this week from his family home on the islands. "A good bit of the songs that I have been writing this past year are about Savannah and my time growing up here. I thought the songs would be relatable to Savannahians. So here we are."

I have followed Little Tybee's work for years, but didn't know that Brock and Nirvana, who married in 2017, have performed relatively often as a duo.

"Nirvana and I write songs often together," Brock told me. "It's a big part of our story. I proposed to her before we took stage at The Variety Playhouse playing as just the two of us.

"When not doing rock shows together, we play in a program through Georgia State that brings us to various Title I elementary schools around metro Atlanta to help reinforce their curriculum through song," Brock added. "We write a lot of songs with that program, and we find that those songs work as well with an adult audience as they do with second-graders. We will probably bust out a few of those for The Bean show."

If you've heard Little Tybee perform, you might be wondering how the songs will sound with just two performers.

"Little Tybee songs almost always start as delicate menageries with just me and an acoustic guitar," Brock said. "With Tybee, there are at the very least six musicians on each song and that ends up being a lot of big sounds. The goal with those compositions is to find a place for each instrument that doesn't step on the toes of another.

"For this set," Brock added, "the songs will be a lot more intimate and focused on lyrics and space."

There's a $10 suggested donation for the Jan. 6 show. You can read more on the Facebook event page.

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What: Brock Scott and Nirvana Kelly Scott

When: 8 p.m. Jan. 6

Where: The Sentient Bean, 13 E. Park Ave.

Cost: $10