"Senior Citizens Inc. should be ashamed of themselves for requiring proof of ID and low income to get a blanket that has been donated by citizens of this community at no cost to the organization. The people in need are elderly and cold. Give them a blanket without asking them to meet requirements!"

"According to Republicans, people who lose their unemployment benefits should just live off their trust funds for a while. That's what their friends do."

"Instead of calling Obamacare the Affordable Care Act, it deserves to be referred to as the Unaffordable Care Act."

"No bar or business with live entertainment should create a noise disturbance that nearby residents can hear. If so, they should be cited and fined and after three citations, lose their license. Keep your music indoors and within your property boundary lines."

"How many others have left Sprint because of their poor, unreliable service? We are tired of waiting on tower upgrades."

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