The stats are these: 500 guests, 60 gallons of paint, one neon paint party.

For the second time since Thanksgiving, Club 51 Degrees will host the Illuminating Nights Neon Paint Party, where revelers can spray and/or get sprayed with paint on the club's second floor.

Following in tradition of larger venues like Ultra in Miami, Brad Sellars, general manager, took inspiration from other venues that have used neon lights and DayGlo paint to add a visual element to complement the club's electronic dance music and dancing.

"The first one we did was on a Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, and everyone was like, 'No one can come out on a Wednesday,'" Sellars said. "A lot of things lined up and people said it wouldn't work."

All dressed in white, a staggering 400 showed up for the event.

"Staff that were involved bought full painters' suits. We had a guy come up from Florida in an LED robot suit," he said. "Then we put a countdown on all of the eight TVs on the second floor - that way everyone is encouraged to have drinks, meet people, hang out, go through the motions," before the music builds up and the spraying beings.

The paint comes in plunger-like test tubes, with four vials selling for $5. Alternatively, those in attendance will be on the receiving end of the non-toxic paint that the club's team orders for the event.

"It's water-based," Sellars said. "There's no risk of anybody getting poisoned or anything or getting really ill."

There are planned safe areas by the bar, though the paint will flow throughout the night beginning at 10:30 p.m.

"If you're on the dance floor, it's just one of those things that is tied into the music," he added. "It's overall a nice experience that everyone enjoys."