Constant throat pain after 15 years of screaming, drinking and smoking led to the diminished power and control of John Cargill's upper registers, a problem for the lead singer of Fur Elise.

"To be honest, on more than one occasion I recall screaming so hard during performances that my throat would literally bleed," he said. "So I guess passion doesn't pay."

After going through several lineup changes over the last half-decade, the band is in search of a new lead singer, which was announced on Twitter last week with an open call for auditions.

The band has toured the East Coast, playing label showcases, at the Florida Music Festival, Warped Tour and at music conferences.

"We love to party," Cargill said. "We have somewhat of a bad reputation for getting too rowdy or too drunk at shows and events, but it's all in good fun ... We're a rock 'n' roll band. It's what we do."

They're hoping to find a passionate, crazy new singer, but also don't expect to find someone who will replace Cargill.

"We want an artist who loves their craft and lives it. We want a rock 'n' roll singer. Male, female, black, white, gay, straight, whatever," he said. "As long as they can pull off the old material, and bring some magic to the new stuff, we can work with them."

Cargill said as yet, there has been little response to the original Twitter message and subsequent reposts.

Singers can reach Cargill through the band's Facebook page to schedule a private audition in their studio.

Cargill asks that applicants have flexible schedules, are able to travel for extended periods of time and also make time commitments of at least three rehearsals a week while assisting in any promoting or other band footwork.

"Oh, they gotta be sexy, too," he added. "Not magazine sexy, real-life sexy. Lead singer sexy."