"If I send a 'Trumpy' bear to the Savannah Morning News, could you please see that it gets to Mr. Streeter? It'll help him sleep better."

"I watched the Vidalia Christmas Parade, and it was beautiful. Float after float after float, but all Savannah has on St. Patrick's Day is cars and cars and more cars. I love the bands but not the cars."

"My Christmas wish is for Tom Barton to reconsider his retirement decision and continue to work and write for the Savannah paper for the next 20 years."

"OK, I admit it, I made a big mistake. I watched the NFL, but I'm still not going to buy any of the products from their sponsors."

"The biggest winner in 2017 was Russia and the biggest losers were the American people."

"Maybe the city of Savannah should have a $250,000 study done to see if we need a Ferris Wheel on River Street."

"This is in response to the newscasters on Savannah TV: Cars wreck, trucks wreck, ships wreck and trains wreck. Airplanes crash, not cars."