Where are you from?

I'm from Savannah, Ga.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Influences include Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters and Edgar Allan Poe. My sound is blood, sweat and tears.

Your sound in three words:

Dark, mysterious, fun.

What are some of your favorite local venues and why?

Because my focus is on the songs first and foremost ... Cha Bella, Siciliano's and the Bayou Cafe, because they allow me to concentrate on my presentation, my audience, the songs I've written and the cover songs I choose to complement them with.

What's in the future?

I'm signed to BMG/Chyrsalis and have had songs included in film and television productions internationally.

I'm working on a CD of childrens' songs with my daughter, Rowan, and have a song coming out in January for a project called "The Truth Will Set You Free," which is backed by Amnesty International.

I love music. My saving grace in this life has been an unwavering dedication to tether love of and the pursuit of spreading the love of great songs all over the world,

Some of the folks I've recorded with include Shane Baldwin and Kevin Rose on guitar, Eric Moore and Phil Hadaway on bass, Paul Cooper on drums and John Banks on guitar.

Anything else to add?

Rock 'n' roll is not about instrumentation. It's about heart.