"Our free breakfasts and free lunches in our public schools here in Savannah are anything but healthy. Check it out, parents!"

 "Star Parker should learn the difference between 'its' and 'it's.' She's a columnist."

"I would be ashamed if I was the customer at Panera Bread who complained about the squeaky shoes on the little girl who has physical difficulties."

"How many times a day have your heard the overused phrase 'No problem'?"

"We have done a lot of improvement to our city, especially our schools. And we need a lot more. But I think we should turn our attention to our roads. They are in dangerous condition. Our roads and bridges are falling apart. We need to put the arena on hold."

"Wind turbine performance data is available from the manufacturer's website. Fort Pulaski wind data for more than six years is available from the NOAA website. Please do the math, Tybee. That wind turbine is not worth the cost to ship it here."

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