Headbangers be warned! Sunday morning might be a little rough, because Platinum nu-metal rockers Drowning Pool will hit The Stage on Bay this Saturday, Jan. 27.

"I'm excited!" says guitarist and founding member C.J. Pierce. "It's been a while⦠a long while."

Drowning Pool has played Savannah before, but this show might be the best yet. The group is coming off a five-day adrenaline/alcohol-fueled ShipRocked cruise and back-to-back shows in Orlando and Destin, Fla., before making their way to the Hostess City.

"It's gonna be great. A bunch of bands play and then we have this thing called The Stowaways, like a cover band. There are like 15 songs a night, with a mix of us," Pierce says of the cruise. "It's like a week of hard playing and partying, then we come see you."

Drowning Pool has made its bread and butter on throat-slashing, heavy-riff powerhouses like "Turn So Cold" and "Step Up," but the band's best-known and most-loved single remains "Bodies" off 2001 album "Sinner."

"It's the gift that keeps giving," says Pierce. "I love playing that song. I'd play it 20 times a day if you'd let me. It's a fun song to play. The crowd always goes nuts. Made a lot of friends and fans over the years because of that song."

The song has been a military anthem and is oft-used in wrestling (hello WWE) and football locker rooms everywhere. But it's also seen its share of controversy after reportedly being used during torture sessions on Guantanamo Bay.

Still, it remains the keystone that put Drowning Pool on the map.

"[It's] kind of the foundation of our sound," says Pierce. "You'll hear stuff like that on every record. Six records now. There's a lot of stuff on our sixth record right now, 'Hellelujah.' The song 'By the Blood' is very 'Bodies.'"

The signature alternative/grunge metal feel of those songs is reflective of original frontman Dave Williams, who died in 2002 of an undiagnosed heart condition. And it's the reverence to that sound and dedication of current (and fourth) lead singer Jasen Moreno that might finally be the long-term fit for Pierce and fellow founding members, bassist Stevie Benton and drummer Mike Luce.

"He had some big shoes to fill," says Pierce. "Jasen has a great, original sounding voice, which I love. But also, out of respect to Dave Williams and the Drowning Pool fans, he learned every single song we ever wrote before he came on the band. He's the only guy that's done that."

For Pierce, there's nothing like a live performance.

"It's coming together with people. I love it!" he says. "I love it every single night. It never gets old. If I could tour every single day, I would."

The band has been hard at work on a seventh album, but after 20 years of playing on the road, Pierce admits he took a week off of drinking to prep for the stretch leading up to Savannah. And for all the fans who come, he's got one request:

"Meet me at the bar, 'cause I haven't been drinking and I could use a couple drinks," says Pierce.

As a bonus, Pierce and his buddies will offer raffle tickets for a signed guitar to each fan who walks through the door in Savannah.


What: Drowning Pool

When: 8 p.m. Jan. 27

Where: The Stage on Bay, 1200 W. Bay St

Tickets: $20 or $30 VIP

Info: savconcerts.com