"Does anyone else think that voodoo has anything to do with the animals on the beach?"

"Floyd Adams is being remembered as everyone's mayor. Otis Johnson never has to worry about being remembered as that!"

"I live on the southside on River's End Drive and I have the best newspaper person! I got my paper every morning, even though the roads were icy and the temperatures were frigid. Thank you!"

"If you want to leave clothes for veterans, you can give them to the Salvation Army."

"Next time someone calls asking for donations, ask what is the percentage that goes to the cause and what goes to operations. I just got off the phone with an organization and 7 percent went to the cause and 93 percent went to operating cost. It doesn't sound like that donation would do any good at all!"

"If the churches would keep food pantries to feed the needy in their congregations, we wouldn't need food stamps."

"I think everyone should call AT&T at 866-329-7118 and request their free residential listings book. Shame on them for not putting it in there."

"Savannah-Chatham school retirees, be aware! I've had the same generic prescription for six years and always paid $5. Yesterday, I had my first refill under Blue Cross Blue Shield and it was $15. This is just one of my prescriptions and the lowest priced one. I may end up being one of those having to choose between medicine and food."

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