"To the caller who said that people who don't like Mark Streeter also enjoy him coming off of vacation because it gives us something to gripe about: Well, the horse don't raise his tail without a reason."

"You're really going off the deep end with the crossword puzzles, but that's OK. You're keeping the geniuses happy. Us dummies don't get to work them anymore."

"If we rename the Talmadge Bridge the Low Bridge, should the Savannah River Bridge upstream be renamed the High Bridge, even though it's lower than the Low?"

"President Trump is doing a great job, but you couldn't tell that to the media."

"I sure do miss Sonny Dixon, Jody Chapin and Pat Prokop on the channel 11 news."

"To the person that's complaining about double lines on Norwood Avenue: What about Ferguson Avenue? It has double lines and it's even longer."

"Kroger on Gwinnett tried putting brakes on their shopping carts and the customers just broke them right off, so that didn't work."

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