"Maybe Wumo is not so bad after all."

"Is the Surgeon General going to require warnings on the hazards of smoking marijuana like they do on cigarettes?"

"Is there a good doctor in Savannah who actually cares whether you live or die?"

"Drivers, wake up! If it is dark, near dark or raining, turn on your headlights! Just because you can see doesn't mean others can see you!"

"Someone told me that Harry Truman was in office when they started the parkway. Is that true or does it just seem that way?"

"Victory and Skidaway Road would look so much better if the old Goodyear building and the old bowling alley were demolished. We need something fresh and new."

"Felicia Harris is one in a million. Every day, she brings my paper right to my door. And I'm a senior citizen and it means the world to me."

"To the Southbridge residents who are wondering where the police are: They are over on 17 patrolling the trailer parks and lower-class neighborhoods and harassing the citizens."

"Savannah loses again. First it was the sorting center for the Postal Service. Now it's service to Washington from our airport. What's next?"

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