Need an evening of funk, costumes, dancing and laughs? Then grab your tickets for Here Come the Mummies at The Stage on Bay on March 1.

"It's all about dancing, having a good time, jumping around," says Mummy Cass. "It's funky music, there's a really big horn section and everybody can groove."

Mummy Cass not only does lead vocals and guitar for this eight-piece undead ensemble, he's also a 5,000-year-old Egyptian mummy cursed to walk the Earth playing groovy music for getting a little too friendly with the Pharaoh's daughter.

"[We] got reunited in a museum somewhere," he says. "You know, lights go out, dinosaurs come alive, and Ben Stiller's skulking around. Couple of us got up and started playing some music together."

The rest is history. For the past 18 years, Cass (short for Cassanova) and his mummified cohorts have been thrilling audiences with their irreverent lyrics, electrifying music and amazing costumes.

One of the most exciting parts of the show is the New Orleans funeral style parade/march to the stage. But the hilarity of songs like "Single, Double, Triple" (that's being single, seeing double, sleeping triple) and "Pants" (just take a listen to the lyrics online) not only keep the energy high, but they'll also have you rolling with their innuendo and bawdy humor.

"It is a little bit of naughtiness going on, but nothing too crazy," says Cass. "Any adult can read between the lines. Kids may not get it⦠And some of our mothers don't get it, either."

Rumor has it, the members of Here Come the Mummies are actually top studio musicians out of Nashville, who cover their faces in mummy costumes because they're signed with major record labels and don't want to breach contracts, especially since there may be several Grammy winners among them. But Cass insists the mummy garb is just their natural state.

"I think a lot of people find it's pretty darn sexy," he says. "I do look good, being 5,000 years old."

Regardless, the truth of their identities is strictly kept "under wraps." Cass and his buddies (Eddie Mummy, drums and vocals; Spaz, keyboards and vocals; K.W. TuT, bass and vocals; Ra, tenor sax; The Flu, baritone sax; Midnight, baritone sax and syntar; The Pole!, bass; and B.B. Queen, trumpet) promise a night of great music, revelry and dancing.

"Everybody's invited to our party," says Cass. "We love everybody! You don't even have to know what you're doing, everything starts moving. Hips start moving, shaking and it's a good time, baby. We want you there!"

As for being out late on a Thursday night, Cass says it's worth it.

"You don't ever have to make it to work on time every morning, do ya?" he says. "Everything in moderation, including moderation."

By the way, the best way to fully enjoy a Here Come the Mummies show is to don your favorite costume and come on out.


What: Here Come the Mummies in concert

When: 8 p.m. March 1

Where: The Stage on Bay, 1200 W. Bay St.

Tickets: $22, $35 VIP