Have you ever wanted to check out the popular improv group Odd Lot at Muse Arts Warehouse, but your Mondays are always a bad night to get out?

Problem solved. Fridays just got a lot funnier with the Odd Lot's announcement of bi-monthly Friday night performances at City Coffee.

According to Justin Kent, Owner of Odd Lot Productions LLC, the group will bring the same blend of laugh-out-loud improv and skits they have brought to Muse for the last four years to an extended Friday show at City Coffee.

Kent wants to emphasize the Monday shows at Muse will continue - no rumors, please. The group is merely adding to an already successful formula.

"It is a completely improvised show, so everything we do is completely made up on the spot and fueled by suggestions from the audience," Kent says.

"It's very similar to what you see on 'Whose Line is it Anyway,' in the style of The Second City or The Groundlings."

Kent says people have been asking him for years to add another show that was not during the work week.

"I've been trying to look for a primary spot for a while," he explains. He says he stumbled upon City Coffee on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, and everything just fell into place.

"They have a wonderful space to work in that is perfect for us, and this will be a good relationship for both of us," Kent adds.

He says the Friday night shows will cost "10 bucks and will last two hours, including an intermission. It's the same kind of things we have been doing, but longer, so we might throw in a few skits, but most of the show is improvised."

Kent is no stranger to improv. He says he got his start in Indiana, where he studied improv in college and went on to tour for several years with the iconic Second City group.

But now as a father, Kent says Odd Lot tries to keep all of its shows family friendly.

"I have an 8-year-old son and there isn't a whole lot to do for kids in this city ... so we try to keep things family friendly so we can bring our families and it also makes for a wider audience," Kent says.

And having a mixed audience is important to the Odd Lot's performance since its improv is fueled by audience suggestions.

"We always have a great show when kids come because they don't have a filter like adults," he says. "There is nothing too ridiculous for them to suggest.

"We love it, though. We are all big kids ourselves."

Kent says if you haven't been to a show, you're missing out on some serious laughs.

"I always tell people that if they can get here once, they will make time to come back because they will enjoy it so much.

"Even at $10 on Friday night, it's a great deal. You get a lot of entertainment for your money."

And if you want to be more than a bystander, Kent says Odd Lot is hosting auditions in March.

"I have been fortunate enough to get some of the most talented people in the city. We have an amazing amount of talent that has been willing to work with Odd Lot.

"I would put them up against the cast of 'Whose Line is it Anyway' any day."