Dance can be as fluid and graceful as water.

Conceived and choreographed by Savannah College of Art and Design performing arts professor Vincent Brosseau, "Oasis" is a multimedia dance production that explores the symbolism of water.

It features an abstract set with a pool of water where performers are faced with different situations, during which water transforms and influences their actions.

"I always wanted to do a water project," Brosseau says. "The first thing I had to figure out was if it was possible.

"I really started to get going last spring," he says. "Once I got the OK, I had to figure out some of the elements."

Sixteen SCAD student performers are in the production.

"They basically go in and out of the stage," Brosseau says. "The students have to present different ideas about what water does to us in many ways.

"It can be a healer or a destroyer. We use video that shows water is something very lovely and something that is very strong.

"There's a wonderful moment with romance, as well," he says. "Everything is about how we are influenced by water as a symbolic element, a natural element, and also what we do with it."

Water is often used in life-changing events, he says.

"We use it for baptisms, weddings, funerals," Brosseau says. "In all of those things, we use water at some point to celebrate whatever situation or important moment in life we have."

The use of video adds to the beauty of the production.

"I choreograph the dancers and the videos to enhance what's going on," Brosseau says. "The four projections have live feed. It's very involved with the technology."

The show will appeal to everyone, not just fans of dance, Brosseau says.

"It's going to be spectacular," he says. "It's not often that we see water on stage.

"This is a journey, a narrative from birth to death. I think the audience will be transported into all those different landscapes I'm creating with the videos.

"I think when they leave, they will have some very strong images to store in their memory for a long time," Brosseau says.

"The water transforms and inspires the performances in 'Oasis.'"