Local favorites Little Tybee will return to their roots with a performance with New York City-based Reign of Kindo on March 8. And, according to Little Tybee's Brock Scott, their performance at the Tybee Post Theater was an intentional stop on their recent tour.

"Our music can kind of be delicate and we wanted to play in a space that is more of a listening room," Scott says. " ⦠That's why we chose that spot⦠It's obvious from our name that we hold the area of Tybee in high esteem and I think a lot of the sound we create is based on our roots there.

"There is a certain sound to coastal music ⦠with influences of Johnny Mercer, Allman Brothers, Outkast, James Brown⦠and there is an ease to that music⦠that is common with a Georgia way of life and we try to tap into that. We are looking forward to bringing that soundscape back to where we came from."

Scott adds that with each new tour comes a creative marketing and social media campaign to promote the new music.

The current campaign is based on their music video, "Lost in the Field," which was filmed by Scott in Greece in October while he sailed the Cyclades. The video features Capt'n Thom (Thomson Moore) as he sails to the Greek underworld in search of his missing crew.

"We created a narrative where Thom is the captain in the video and he goes on search to find missing crew⦠Greece is the perfect setting because this is where 'The Odyssey' and other great fables came from. Took on that theme⦠and created this whole idea where we have a scavenger hunt."

Fans are encouraged to get in on the real scavenger hunt, where Little Tybee and Reign of Kindo's street team has placed tokens in each city of the tour.

Two handmade tokens depicting the head of Apollo are hidden in each city and 12 tour posters have been sent to each city - but only two of the 12 will have tokens attached. The tokens will gain you free entry to shows and will make you eligible for surprise VIP packages from sponsors. To get hints for the token locations, follow the band on Instagram at @littletybee.

Scott says Capt'n Thom will be at their Tybee show, too. "We'll have some theatrical elements to the show as well," he adds.

Little Tybee features Scott, vocals and acoustic guitar; Josh Martin, electric guitar; Ryan Donald, bass; Dallas Dawson, drums; Nirvana Scott, violin; and Chris Case, keys. Scott describes the band's sound as "blending elements of folk, psych, jazz and bossa" that's both creative and technical "with a keen ear for melody and accessibility."

While the stop at Tybee is intentional, Scott adds that teaming up with Kindo was also an intentional collaboration for a successful tour.

"We wanted to team up with a band that is similar musically. We were looking at an East Coast tour, so it makes sense to team up with a New York band. We are friends with them, and they are in the same place as us - they are phenomenal musicians⦠They do really well in their market up North and we do well in the South, so we teamed up to co-headline this tour for our fans."

He says the concert features both headlining bands in "a fluid performance."

"Each band has their set shows, but we also have songs we play together. We like for it to be a fluid performance with constant music that is fun to watch and not very sterile⦠We are kind of like a family band."


What: Little Tybee and Reign of Kindo

When: 8 p.m. March 8

Where: Tybee Post Theater, 10 Van Horne Ave.

Cost: $18

Info: tybeeposttheater.org, littletybee.com