Once again this year, it was a pleasure to get students from Do Savannah columnist Bill Dawers' class at Armstrong State University involved in our Stopover preview coverage.

You'll see their local band interviews here. Next week, look for their stories on other bands playing at the festival.

It always makes my heart glad to work with budding writers and share their enthusiasm for weaving a tale.

No matter what one-sided claims are made by government leaders and other critics of the media, journalism continues to be an important facet of our national conversation. We are the watchdogs shining a light on information some would prefer to remain hidden, often for nefarious reasons.

Whether it's a story about a hard-working local musician or an in-depth look at the major issues facing our country, a journalist's goal is always to provide accurate, important information.

I'm proud to see the younger generation begin to take the reins in telling the stories of our community.

Heather Henley is editor of Do Savannah. Contact her at heather.henley@savannahnow.com.