Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks is a Savannah band that plays mostly a mixture of garage punk/rock and psychedelic rock. They have been included in the Savannah Stopover lineup fairly early in the band's career, as they only just began "jamming" in July 2016.

According to Blake Lumry, the band's lead singer and guitarist, "Our first show was at our house on Halloween night. We made a Facebook event page and invited whoever. It was a pretty decent turnout because it was one of the only parties that was happening on Halloween night. That was kind of when we debuted."

Only two singles from their upcoming EP "Acid Bath" have been recorded and released: "Eye of the Sun" and "Follow Me Down." The two singles are intentionally the first and last songs of the EP to give the audience a feel for the general sound of the EP. Despite only recording two songs so far, they only play original music at their shows.

Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks pride themselves on their ability to play music across several different genres and for a wide age range. They feel comfortable meshing their sound with other bands that are a bit outside of their own. This variety has seemed to give them an advantage with their audience.

Zach Estess, the band's bass player, said, "[The music] doesn't have to have rules or boundaries. It can just be what it is."

Lumly and Estess are from Columbus, Ga., while Anthony Bayness, the drummer, is from Cleveland. Each of the guys feels like the city of Savannah has facilitated their success thus far. Currently, they are playing as many shows as they can, but have had to turn down some, which speaks of their growing popularity.

"Word of mouth travels decently quick here. I don't think we would be moving this fast in Columbus or even Atlanta," Estess said.

The Stopover show will be their biggest yet, and most of their time and efforts are being directed toward preparing for it. Soon after, they plan to start recording the rest of the songs to be included in "Acid Bath" and get their first EP released.

"We've only been playing shows for about three months and now we're playing Stopover. It's kind of crazy," Bayness said.

Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks

9 p.m. March 11

The Jinx, 127 W. Congress St.