Within weeks of the successful release show for debut album "Kingdoms Fall" at Trinity church, Savannah band Lulu the Giant will be hitting Trinity's stage again with "power, gut-punching songs, the songs that really got the people excited," according to Rachael Shaner, lead vocalist and bass player.

While Lulu the Giant is Rachael Shaner, she will be joined by guitarist Alex Bazemore and drummer Daniel Malone for the Savannah Stopover show.

Shaner originally jammed together with Malone after they met at one of Malone's Les Racquet shows years ago. Bazemore, who also plays in another band around Savannah, joined in after a mutual friend introduced them and Bazemore "bugged" Shaner to have a session.

"I told Daniel, 'I think I found this guy who might be a good guitarist, maybe, we'll see.' [Alex] kept buggin' me," said Shaner with a laugh. "He and I played together because I wanted to test out the waters."

"I can be kind of scary so she wanted to test him out," said Malone.

"That's what she said!" quipped Bazemore, causing everyone to crack up.

After the knockout debut, all three of them are looking forward to playing at Stopover. The local music community is a major source of inspiration and the band believes Stopover is on its way to becoming a beacon for Savannah's music society.

"I'm looking forward to the growth and progress of it. Hopefully, we can represent Savannah in a good way this year that will not only have the out-of-town bands recognize the greatness that is in Savannah, but also for the bands here to be nurtured a little bit and see their value as well," Shaner said.

Bazemore and Malone agree.

"There's a community to pull together," Bazemore added.

"There are so many more musicians in town that don't quite have their feet in the door, that don't quite have their space yet, that haven't quite realized their potential ⦠There's so much more organization that can be done, so much more that we could do," Malone said.

They got so enthusiastic, Bazemore almost let out some confidential information for their Stopover audience.

Malone and Shaner had agreed that Lulu the Giant would be taking more risks for their upcoming performance. Then Bazemore said with a laugh, "We've got - well, I can't tell you our secret."

Shaner and Malone have both played Stopover before; Bazemore is just beginning.

"I know a lot of people really look forward to coming and having a good time. It's fun and I'm excited to be a part of it this year," he said.

"We're excited to support it, we're excited to see it grow and we're excited to see what happens," Shaner said.

"That's the hope," finished Malone.

Lulu the Giant

4 p.m. March 11

Trinity United Methodist Church, 225 W. President St.