"Savannah will always be home away from home," said former Savannah resident and hip-hop MC Miggs Son Daddy, or simply Miggs. After moving to Philadelphia at the beginning 2017, Miggs is returning for something akin to a homecoming show during Savannah Stopover.

Originally from Tarrytown, N.Y, Miggs moved to Savannah in 2006 to attend Savannah College of Art and Design. What he brought from home was a unique sound, resonant of what Miggs calls "golden-era '90s New York hip hop."

"I like to take the sound that I grew up listening to ⦠and then just apply totally, you know, unique and different ideas and concepts," Miggs said about his style. Growing up in New York, Miggs listed his influences as artists and groups like East Coast duo Gang Starr, "all of the Wu-Tang, together, together and separate," and deceased rapper, Big Pun.

"[Big Pun] was one of my biggest, like idols, as far as just, blowing your mind with what you can do with words," he said.

"When you listen to my music, you should release any expectation for what I'm gonna cover or what I'm gonna talk about in a song," said Miggs. "The content of my music is where I really dig into what I wanna represent, what I feel needs to be expressed. The lyrics and song content is really where I pull inspiration from all the other art and music I listen to â¦"

Having started his career as an MC in a Tarrytown-based group, and then participating in several Savannah groups such as Word of Mouth and local label Dope Sandwich, Miggs has only recently started to work on solo material, unguided by any outside forces.

After releasing his debut solo album "Happy Thoughts" in 2016, Miggs continued to work on new material and has a couple of new musical ventures in the works. The first is an EP about popular anime Dragon Ball Z, which is finished and to be released in the next few months.

Also coming soon is Miggs' second solo full-length album, currently untitled and with no release date.

"Ever since 2008-2009, I always had kind of associated my brand with something bigger, with a band or a label. It's exciting to now kind of be able to explore like, what my independent persona and sound and career can really do," he said.

Miggs also works full-time as an artist, including graphic design and illustration jobs that showcase his signature style.

"⦠I've gotten enough work that my branding, my work, all kinda has the same style," he said.

Miggs said he is excited to return from Philadelphia for his Stopover performance. Having hosted a previous Stopover show and played a set at the music festival with group Word of Mouth, this year Miggs will be performing his first solo set at an all hip hop Stopover showcase at Club One.

Miggs Son Daddy

9:30 p.m. March 10

Club One, 1 Jefferson St.