Savannah-based band Garden Giant formed after bassist and vocalist Brad Shields answered drummer Luis Salazar's Craigslist post.

Vocalist and guitarist Devin Smith was added roughly a month later after the trio met during a music video shoot Smith was producing. Salazar and Shields were extras in the production, and after hitting it off with Smith, the three have been creating music ever since.

The members decided to name the group after a "garden giant" mushroom that was growing outside of Smith's house, and finalized that decision while ironically dining at Mellow Mushroom.

When Garden Giant first performed at the First Friday Art March in Savannah's Starland District, they experienced one of their favorite moments as a band.

"This dude started rolling around on the floor and other people started to join in and by the end of the song they were all just - all different types of people - were rolling around on the ground," Smith said.

"We just kept playing, it was great," added Shields.

"The whole crowd was on the ground; they were all super dirty," Salazar said. "That was so awesome."

The indie rock trio dropped their debut album "Mutual" in September 2016. Produced and recorded by Garden Giant's own Smith, "Mutual" received high praise in the local music market. With its nine tracks, the album delivers an upbeat, unforgettable sound that resonates with fans, a sound they'll bring back to the Stopover stage for the second year in a row.

All three members have different schedules and hectic lives, making practice time limited. Sometimes they even go months without playing together. Smith is often out of town for work and Shields has a full-time job, but they see this merely as opportunity.

"I am pretty much gone December, January and part of February," Smith said. "But it's nice because when we get back together to play again, there's all of this fresh energy."

"It's good because we don't get burned out," Shields said.

The separation allows the members to work individually, then combine their thoughts and ideas when they regroup.

"I had just gone on a trip and wrote lyrics to a song and they sent me music to a song and it matched up seamlessly," Smith said. "Almost always we jam a lot and come up with ideas and polish it."

Smith is also the founder of Volition Studios, which "serves as a creative mediator" for artists looking to make commercials, music videos, photography or polish recordings. Volition Studios creates videos of local musicians performing in their home called "House Show for One."

Garden Giant

6 p.m. March 9

Ships of the Sea North Garden, 41 MLK Jr. Blvd.